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Essential and business defining as well as affordable 

Business cards are an essential component in your business' marketing mix and the most widely used stationery there is when promoting an organisation.

At Wollongong Printing, we service a wide range of customers including small start-up businesses to internationally acclaimed organisations. We understand that all things being equal, everyone's needs and budgets aren't. 

When working with Wollongong Printing, you are working with a Team you can trust in providing you the right business card for the right use based on your brand, your industry and your budget. 

If you are yet to have a brand and are considered to be a start-up or new business, we also do offer design services to help you launch your business. 

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Customers purchasing business cards for the first time often ask many questions from not having it done before.

We chose some of the questions from business card buyers and collated them for you.

Why do I need a business card?

Business cards are often used when business owners or professionals are looking to expand their networks and engage prospective clients. Business cards are handed out so that people have a reference point when they need your services. Business cards are often the most common form of advertising available. 

What information should I include on my business card?

Business cards are about you, your business and your services. It is important that the front of your business card showcases your logo or anything pertaining to your company's brand identity. The most important thing to promote is your name and your contact information. You do not always have to use the rear of your business card however if you can afford it, use the back to present your benefits, your business offering and any other essential information you feel is critical to engaging customers. Most importanly, do not clutter your card with too much information.

How to design business cards?

When looking to design your business cards, first look at what you like about your brand, what colours are important and what style you would liek. In today's age, you can do simple searches in Google Images and find hundreds of designs from other people and company's. These may get your creative juices flowing. As you will need your business cards printed, you need to get your files "print ready" for your printer to use the electronic files so that they can convert them to be ready for their equipment. There are a multitude of online services and software packages to design business cards however, it is recommended to simply do a draft on a piece of paper with all the information you ideally would like displayed and give them to a designer or printer to help you get your files looking as professional as possible. 

How are business cards produced?

The cheapest way to get budget business cards is to get them digitally printed using Digital Printing Equipment with "standard" stocks available. The thinner the stock, the cheaper the cost of the business cards and the cheaper they look. 

For quality business cards, you will need to get them printed using lithographic equipment, often called offset printing. This technology allows you to have much better looking cards and a large variety of stocks and finishing are available.

Digitally printed cards are quickto produce and are the cheapest option available whilst offset printed cards are a little less affordable, they are of much better quality but do also take a little longer to produce.

How much do business cards cost?

Business cards are a cost effective way to market yourself and your business. Do you know any businesses who do not have business cards? More than likely not! Business cards are affordable and become less expensive as you purchase greater quantities. The initial cost for any printer is the setting up of the files, the setting up of the machine and the finishing itself. Whether you print 1 or 1 million, it does not matter, the cost to set up is the same. Check out our pricing table and you can choose from a number of sizes, shapes, media and finishes to work out what the cost would be!

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