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Local Sports Clubs, University Sports Groups and more...

Entice community members and local sponsors by showcasing your club proudly with professional and striking marketing, sponsorship packages and sports facility signage. It is extremely valuable to display professional signage that reflects the values and spirit of your community.  Remember, most prospects see and judge your signage when passing by. When they see your club facilities, what do they see? Attractive and coordinated signage giving a strong sense of what you value, placed in a high visibility position, can boost your community exposure.

You can use signage and promotional materials to...

  • assist community members in finding your location easily

  • showcase your sponsors proudly and encourage community support

  • brand the exterior and interior of your site, making it unmistakable and memorable

  • announce the opening of registrations

  • proposing sponsorship packages to potential sponsors

  • advertising specials or offers at tuck shops or cafe's on site

Invest in quality signage 

Many clubs, fitness centres and community groups often make the mistake of treating signage as a ‘set and forget’ part of their marketing strategy. But by improving permanent signs and regularly updating temporary signs you can achieve an attractive, engaged and consistent look, as well as creating fresh interest from new and existing customers.


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