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Posters are commonly known and recognised as an essential component of any marketing campaign due to their size and ability to be placed anywhere (On any type of surface, walls, framed, hanging from ceiling, on posts, poles, etc...).

Posters can be produced to be used indoors and outdoors using different medias and techniques. We can produce any style of poster based around your needs and your budget. We carry paper poster, laminated posters, polyester poster, stayflat poster and outdoor posters as well as sticker posters. Our most popular poster is made from a recycled polypropylene media printed in hi-resolution (1,440dpi) using the latex water-based inks. Our most popular poster is not only affordable, it is also waterproof, has excellent resistance to UV and is strong enough to not tear too easily under pressure, making it the ideal poster for any environment as well as the most versatile poster in the industry. 

Poster Specifications guide:

  • Available in single or double sided

  • Digitally printed using the latest Latex Technologies

  • Available in a range of media an substrates

    • Price guide below based on Waterproof, UV cured, Tear resistant stayflat Media

  • Sizes up to 3,200mm wide and 30m long.

  • Super smooth finish

  • High quality photographic quality

  • up to 1,440dpi


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Posters Wollongong

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