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A-frames, always in style

Sandwich boards, always trusted for their intended purpose.

A-frames are a very versatile portable sign solution for many uses. Also known as a sandwich board, A-frame signs are ideal for businesses to place on the sidewalk each day to gain more exposure. A-Frames are also ideal as real estate signs and for events or wayfinding, with the ability to pack them up and move them from one position to the next. Portable and affordable - a great sign choice.​

We have one of the most extensive range of options for A-frame signs, from lightweight PVC T-Boards to large A-frames with wheels for easy handling. Interchangeable corflute or composite panels are a great option when you need to constantly change your messages, specials, or promotions. Custom-designed and shaped A-Frame signs are also available. We have the A-Frame solution to suit your message, and budget.

(*Pricing table below set up as a per unit pricing and prices displayed do not included gst or freight)

Some interesting benefits of sandwich boards:

  • Sturdy and ever-popular signage

  • Heavy Duty plastic PVC, Metal, Aluminium, Fabric and Corflute Insert options available

  • No better way to capture passing customers’ attention

  • A perennial favourite signage item

  • Multiple A-Frame styles, sizes and materials available

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Customers purchasing A-Frames for the first time often ask many questions from not having done it before.

We chose some of the questions from sandwich board buyers and collated them for you.

Why do I need an A-Frame?

If you are in a location where you have a fair amount of traffic walking past your business, then the A-frame board signs are a perfect marketing item to invite your customers in. Being a traditional marketing tool, it is still quite effective, even today!

What size is a sandwich board?

We offer a range of standard sizes for your "sidewalk" signs. Everything from the min 600x600 A-Frame to the giant 1,200x1800mm A-Frame.

It all comes down to what you need to display and what room you have to place your sign. Feel free to tell us your size requirements for your A-Frame signs.

Can I use a sandwich board when it is windy?

A-frames are designed for the outdoors but they can act as a big sail in heavy wind and extreme weather conditions. It is always recommended to secure your A-Frame signs if strong winds are predicted and also to stop anyone from stealing them too. You can tie them to a pole or use some heavy weights to secure them in place. Even better, if it fits your budget, we suggest investing a little more in your A-Frame and getting our heavy-duty outdoor A-Frame which comes with a solid base and super strong wheels that can be filled with sand or water to create additional weight without compromising on style.

Why is it called a sandwich board? Why is it called an A-Frame?

The sandwich board was a popular form of advertising in the 19th century when merchants carried the two placards on their shoulders and travelled up and down the street to promote their goods and services. Charles Dickens was the first person to refer to the carriers as "sandwich men" and from there, they became sandwich boards. Over time, the world changed and business owners stopped paying for sandwich men. Hence, the A-frame was constructed to keep the sandwich boards in place. A-frame signs get their name as they look like an A when viewed from the side. The A-Frame Signs are still widely used today.

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