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Wollongong Printing offers Business Consulting Services to assist small businesses in improving their brand visibility and increase their return on investment. We provide assistance to hundreds of businesses nationally through brand building and business improvement strategies designed to be simple and effective with long-term results.

The ultimate objective of being in business is to operate a profitable and growing business and create an saleable asset.

At Wollongong Printing, we work with  you in defining your current market positioning and where you would ideally like to take you business. We adopt simple tools that to ensure that your system and processes match where you would like to be and who you would like to be recognised as.

  • Business Growth strategies

  • Marketing strategies

    • discovery ​

    • implementation

  • Business infosys & tech

  • Human Capital

  • Business coaching

    • Business plans​

  • Pricing strategies

    • Positioning​

  • Sales & Business development

  • Digital Marketing

We are not just consultants that show you and tell you what you should or should not be doing, we are here to assist you and work with you in creating a sustainbable platform where you can control the action. We will give you the tools and support to continue growing and becoming who you want to become. We don't just walk away once we have shown you what to do, we are here long term to help you achieve the goals you have set in stone.

As business and marketing consultants, we will give you the tools, education and confidence in building a sustainable business with complete piece of mind that your business is heading in the direction you anticipated and that you are taking your business to the next level. We will provide you with real insigh to your business through regular management reporting, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Wollongong Printing offers a range of long term benefits that you set as goals from the start and you will succeed if you following our lead:

  • Boost Profits

  • Manage Cashflows

  • Manage Risks

  • Control Business

  • Improve Policies & Procedures

  • Increase Brand Power

Our business adopts a transformative multi-disciplinary, system based approach broken down into simpler, less complex processes, designed for small business owners to understand and self-manage. We are here to help businesses who want to improve, we are here to help businesses who are stagnating and potentially being sidelined by bigger or more ingenuitive competitors. Sometimes it does not take much to improve what you already have, and other times it may take a lot... Let us work with you in defining where you sit!


  • Logo creation

  • Branding

  • Prepress Services

  • Website content

  • More...


  • Website Creation

  • Self Managed services

  • Website up-keeping

  • Content marketing

  • More...


  • Stationery

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Signage

  • Banners

  • Flags

  • More...


  • Research

  • Development

  • Targeting

  • Acquisition

  • More...


  • Analytics

  • Directory

  • Re-marketing

  • Keywords

  • More...

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