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Interchangeable Pullup Banner
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Recyclable pullup banner
Pullup banner cartridge
Wollongong luxury pullup banners
Environmentally friendly pullup


Specifically designed for the environmentally conscious

Looking for something elegant yet environmentally friendly and long-term? Our interchangeable pull up banners are quick & easy to replace and assemble. The best thing about the interchangeable banners is the fact that you just replace your message by choosing a new cartridge. The new cartridges can be replaced in less than 10 seconds.​

  • Photographic Quality - Hi Resolution Print

  • White enamelled metal base

  • Telescopic Pole, with adjustable height option (1,600mm to 2,100mm)

  • Handy Black Carry Bag

  • 5yr Warranty (On mechanical base only)

  • Despatched with 24 to 72 hours from artwork and payment receipt

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