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Calendars Wollongong
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Personalised calendars for your Client's important dates

What can we say about calendars? They’re still an essential part of your home for all these important dates. They’re still ideal to note the upcoming holidays, outings, family events, birthdays, appointments and more.

Calendars are available on your phones, computers and tablets. However, there is nothing like a calendar on your wall,  fridge, desk or personal compendium. It’s a tangible tool to note your plans and track your schedule. Then, after a year, you can use the calendar to relive memories and have a quick year-end reflection. 

With custom printed calendars, you can make planning and note-taking both functional and fun. You can add different design elements, like to-do lists, your favourite photos of your brand’s latest products or special sections for fun trivia. Then, give these calendars to your employees, clients and colleagues. They’d appreciate personalised calendars, especially if these are designed beautifully and printed professionally. This is where we step in. Count on our team at Wollongong Printing to design custom calendars and print them in bulk for your company.

Custom Calendars for Any Purpose

At Wollongong Printing, tell us what you want, and we will get it created for you. We have fresh designs and custom styles to help you decide on the look of your calendars. Don’t hesitate to share your vision—no matter how quirky or eccentric it is. Our design team can transform that idea into remarkable calendars. A little bit of inspiration can go a long way!

Here are some of the types of custom calendars we do:

  • Wall Calendars

  • Desktop Pads or Tent Calendars

  • Single Sheet Calendars

  • Fridge Magnet Calendars

  • Booklet Calendars

  • Promotional Calendars

  • Compendium inserts

Expert Bulk Calendar Printing Services in Wollongong

Our team understands that customised calendars for businesses are often needed in bulk. After all, you may have to use these to promote your brand or give your employees and customers a treat. At Wollongong Printing, we have a custom calendar printing process to deliver bulk orders on time. 

Whether you need 500 customised wall calendars or 2000 personalised desk calendars, you can count on us to deliver quality. Let’s start talking about your vision for your 2022 calendar.


Ready to distribute custom photo calendars for the next year? Order them in advance. Here are our prices for bulk orders, as well as calendar sizes and other details, to help you decide today.

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