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Custom coasters for promotions and brand marketing

Add a spot of style to your business in the hospitality sector with this assortment of custom drink coasters. These sophisticated party essentials save your furniture with a classic flair.


Choose tile custom coasters if you'd like to add an innovative and contemporary look. Our design department will help you personalize the style of each drink coaster with your favourite pattern, photograph or coaster design (design Service available from $25 + gst).

Crafted with quality, these custom coasters offer the flexibility to be either fabulously elegant or casually fun—your custom coaster design determines their attitude! But since they'll definitely reflect your personal tastes, these customizable drink coasters are guaranteed to be the hit of the party. Shop the top custom coasters Australia has to offer, at Wollongong Printing.


Wollongong Printing offers discounts for bulk orders with no set-up fees and 1,000 units minimum order requirements.


  • 355gsm Beer Board (0.8mm thickness)

  • Each custom coaster is approved for International Standard for Food Grade

  • Straight corners, 5mm rounded corners or circle in shape

  • High-quality coaster printing

  • Orders placed for coasters can be placed as a standard order (15-21 business days) OR Express (7-10 business days)

  • Affordable drink coasters, from only $135 for 1,000 units (Pricing table below does not include gst or freight)




Customers purchasing drink coasters for the first time often ask many questions from not having it done before. We chose some of the questions from those buyers and collated them for you.

What is the use for coasters?

Drink coasters are often seen in the hospitality industry, more so in pubs and clubs but also in the home. They are ideal to protect the surface of a table or furniture and designed to reduce heat, freeze and moisture damage. Plus, custom printed coaster designs are a good form of advertising.

Why advertise on coasters?

Generally, when drinking a hot or cold beverage, you take your time in enjoying your beverage. Whilst you are sitting there, enjoying your beverage, every time you pick it up, you are exposed to the branding on the beer or drink coaster. Ideal for brand recall or in-your-face marketing. Branded custom coasters are all about brand marketing for customers to recognise later when they are ready to purchase what you are selling.

What is the size of a drink coaster?

Generally, drink coasters come in a Square shape with straight or rounded corners and also often seen as circles. The average drink coaster is generally 95 or 96mm in width and height and they are generally anywhere between 0.8 and 1mm in thickness. Coasters were originally designed to fit under a mug, cup or glass and therefore have a surface area a little larger than the standard cup sizes available. If you are prepared to do something really different and have a bigger budget, you can get beer coasters in any shape you wish. If you want to make your drink coaster in the shape of a pig, then we are up for the challenge. Simply reach out to us to tell us your custom coaster design and size requirements.

Who invented the Drink Coaster?

Friedrich Horm, a German printing company, is recognised for having produced the first disposable "beermart" around 1,880. It was however patented later by Robert Sputh, another German who saw a financial benefit to patenting the drink coaster. It really was not widely used until the early 1900s when the United Kingdom adopted the beer coaster across pubs in the UK for Watney Brewery to promote the ever-popular Pale Ale.

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