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Made for the outdoors, Large, customised and affordable, 

Mesh banners are fairly new and were introduced to have a similar application and the same impact than the popular and more traditional Vinyl Banners. When using vinyl banners on a large scale, the danger was always the wind drag as the banners acted as large sails.


To counter affect the wind, wind-holes were punctured into the vinyl banners to let the wind though and reduce drag and lift from heavy winds. Due to stringent OH&S Standards in Australia, the Mesh Banners were invented as they let more of the wind through and offered less drag and lift than the traditional vinyl banners plus you could actually also see through them, making it safe on construction sites.


The construction industry was a fast adopter of the banners and now, mesh is widely used for perimeter fencing, event management, crowd control environments and environmentally conscious environments as they are less in your face than the standard vinyl mesh.

Having 9 to 12 holes (Known as 9x9 & 12x12)to every centimetre, perforating the surface of the Vinyl PVC media, the wind can penetrate more easily making it ideal for larger surface areas. The Mesh banner, having holes all the way through it, tends to be a much lighter option too.

Being lighter & requiring less material & ink to produce, also means that they are very affordable and easier to handle. (Prices in table do not include design, gst or freight - Free hem & eyelets)

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Standard mesh banner sizes

Perimeter fencing mesh, Construction mesh (50 meter rolls)