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SPONSORSHIPS - Are they worthwhile?

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

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For many community groups, charities, and sports clubs the word ‘sponsorship’ is a familiar buzz word. Sponsorships are an excellent way to gain support from the community and provide exposure to sponsoring businesses, companies or organisations. Sponsorship arrangements not only make a huge financial difference to community groups or sports clubs, but also present a worthwhile marketing opportunity.

So, what exactly is a sponsorship?

Sponsorship is a term often used to describe some kind or commercial or personal mutual arrangement between two parties. The arrangement tends to arise as a result of one party requiring some kind of support, usually financial.

But, why do sponsorships even matter?

You might be thinking… WHY should I even bother with the hassle of entering into a sponsorship agreement? Good Question.

More often than not, businesses, companies and organisations disregard the significant marketing and exposure benefits that can be found in a sponsorship agreement. For parties on THIS side of the agreement, it can often look like ‘giving away money’. However, this is a BIG misconception and a MASSIVE opportunity lost.

So, you might be wondering, WHAT ARE the benefits of a sponsorship agreement? Well, let us explain the TOP 5 reasons why this can be a beneficial arrangement for ALL parties involved.

1. Exposure. Sponsorships provide community groups or sports clubs with the funding to operate. In exchange, sponsors received an EXCELLENT opportunity for Brand Exposure in the form of signage and advertising within the local community. Instead of paying exuberant amount of money to radio stations, TV channels or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and digital marketing managers who don’t always deliver, you could be supporting a local community group AND getting some invaluable marketing exposure. Sports clubs and community groups that are active in their community, can attract potential prospects for sponsoring businesses.

2. Credibility. The truth is, people like buying from people. Businesses, companies and organisations of any size that demonstrate community support and engagement, IMMEDIATELY develop an approachable, genuine and positive perception. Showing your activity and support for the community, attracts a credible brand image which ultimately leads to increased customer and/or client interest.

3. Reach, reach, reach! Often people get caught in the trap of thinking that the ONLY way to reach MORE people with your marketing, is to boost posts on social media or digital platforms. However, this is most certainly not the case. Most sponsorship packages with sports clubs or community groups will include a range of signage and advertising benefits that often positioned in high visibility areas. This kind of exposure reaches a LOT more of your local audience and sticks in their mind.

4. Publicity. Many sports clubs, community groups or events will attract free publicity, with news outlets looking to cover local activity and engagement. By appearing as a sponsor of these groups or events, you are provided with the opportunity to gain FREE publicity and wider reach. Often these groups or events will post to their own social media pages or websites, which will then circulate through the community providing even further marketing opportunities for sponsors. And of course, one of THE MOST EFFECTIVE forms of publicity, the good old, word of mouth! We all know how quickly things can spread via word of mouth… especially within communities! For sponsors, this is an invaluable opportunity to be front of mind and to generate positive brand recall.

5. Competitor Differentiation. Because... we all want to stand out from the crowd - right?! By associating your business or brand with a sports club or event, you are building greater rapport with prospective clients within the community. You are showing that you are NOT just another business, but one that is engaged and cares about the community. This approach also develops an engaging and positive customer experience.

Sounds AWESOME right? But what if I am a sports club or community group looking to attract these sponsorship arrangements?

What are the best signage and advertising options to offer?

To get businesses, companies, or organisations on side, it is important to have an appealing sponsorship package that clearly displays the options. You want to convince, entice and deliver!

The best place to start is with a professional flyer that showcases various packages and their benefits.

INTRODUCING… Our Customisable Sponsorship PROMO Flyer!

clipboard with sponsor promo

This is a NEW customisable flyer template that we assembled for a recent sports club, and it has had great success in attracting sponsors. This flyer can be customised to showcase the sponsorship packages, inclusions and offers that your group, club or organisation wishes to advertise. We are happy to work with you in creating a flyer suitable for your needs! This flyer adds a whole other level of professionalism when approaching businesses and organisations.

Here at Wollongong Printing, we have worked closely with sports and community groups in the past and to make YOUR life easier, we have developed a website page dedicated to the ‘Sports Industry’ that lists ALL the types of signage and advertising options YOU can use.

Make sure not overlook a good sponsorship opportunity!

Get in touch with the Wollongong Printing team today and let us kit you out with an UNSTOPPABLE sponsorship package!

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