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The Scoop on Signage - Our Tips & Tricks...

Updated: Jun 25

Let’s talk about signage!

Signage is an important component to consider in your marketing mix. Good signage can mean the difference between attracting a customer or deterring one.

Lucky for you, signage is our forte!

But, we also understand that designing, ordering or organising signage can be challenging if it is all new terrain. There are lots of things to consider and lots of questions to be answered. So, to make this nice and easy, we have compiled a list of the MOST ASKED questions (and answers – of course!) as well as our top tricks & tips.

Let’s dive in!

To kick this off, let’s tackle one of the BIGGEST questions people ask…

Why should I invest in signage?

We are so glad you asked! If you are a bricks & mortar business, (meaning you have a physical shop, store or warehouse), then signage is EVERYTHING.

Your signage says a lot about your business, including your style, tone, professionalism and, most importantly… what it is that you offer. Having visible, easy to read and eye-catching signage can make a world of difference in attracting customers.

But, I don't have a physical business, so why do I need signage?

Signage doesn’t just have to be for your shop front, there are so many different forms of signage that can cater for businesses of all formats. Perhaps, you might be better off with a car wrap or some sticker signage to go on your vehicle? Perhaps you can advertise your business by wearing apparel that promotes your brand? These forms of business signage can help to increase brand visibility, rather than relying solely on the crowded landscape, that is social media.

Now, let’s talk budgets… (cause we all know that is a huge factor)

Do you provide affordable signage?

Yes, we sure do! Many people have the misconception that signage ‘must be’ or ‘has to be’ expensive… it most certainly does not!

If you are after a specific custom signage finish with all expensive bells & whistles, then yes, perhaps you are looking at a more expensive option. However, most signage we produce is not only very professional, high quality and looks awesome, but is also VERY affordable. We have a range of signage products to suit a variety of needs and budgets, whether it’s one sign, one flag or a whole shopfront. We want you to LOVE your new signage WITHOUT breaking the bank!

At this point you might be thinking… “well, it’s great to get affordable signage, but…”

How long will my signage last?

Another great question! The expected lifespan of a sign depends on a number of factors… 1. Is your signage going indoors or outdoors? 2. Is it temporary or permanent signage? 3. Will your signage be sitting in a spot that gets a lot of direct sunlight, or does it sit in a shady spot? While we use quality products that are suitable for outdoor conditions and are able to withstand the elements, your answers to the above questions do influence your signs lifespan. Signs that are used outdoors, permanently, all year around are likely to wear & tear quicker than those being used temporarily for events or functions. However, our outdoor signage products are designed to last, so if you encounter any unexpected issues our team does have warranty & replacement guarantees to protect you.

Ultimately, we want you to get your money’s worth!

Now, for our signage ‘first timers’ this next question might be helpful…

I want a cool sign, but I have no idea how to explain it?

Did you say “cool?” – No worries, that’s right up our alley! Don’t fret if you are unsure about where to start, what terminology to use, or how to explain your vision. Leave that to us. We have a team of experienced professionals who can assist in determining your requirements AND provide mock-ups, examples or suggestions to ensure we get your custom signage just right.

A big component of signage is the design element. It’s all well and good to give you quality signage material, but you want it to look awesome – right?!

Well, that brings us to some questions around design…

Do you provide proofs?

Yes, we 100% do. Nothing we design is EVER sent to print without YOUR approval. If you provide print-ready artwork, then we don’t provide a proof unless requested. However, in most cases clients will get our friendly (and creative) team of designers to bring their visions to life and that is when we will ALWAYS provide a proof.

Can you design a logo for my business if I don't have one?

We absolutely can! Our design team has had LOTS of fun over the years, designing some unique and stylish logos for our clients. If you need a custom logo, we can design one to give your business a professional look and embody the businesses’ identity. Our graphic designers can also refresh an existing logo to take your business and branding to the next level.


Now, you might have heard us mention ‘car-wraps’. But, perhaps you are scratching your head in confusion wondering why we would ever wrap a car… all that wrapping paper & sticky tape? It’s not as confusing as it sounds…

What is a car wrap?

And no, it doesn’t involve gift wrapping a car… However, it does involve a wrap of sorts. Vehicle wraps are where a vehicle grade sticker is applied to the car. They are often used to display or promote businesses or brands. You might have seen this on domino’s delivery cars? Or perhaps on buses?

What is the benefit of having a vehicle wrap?

According to a 2015 study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australians spent an average of 4.4 hours a week traveling to and from work, which is about 53 minutes a day for a five-day working week. Now imagine having your business advertised on your car whilst driving around for that amount of time. That’s a fair amount of advertising time to take advantage of.

Will a car wrap damage a paint job?

This is a myth we are determined to debunk! Vehicle wraps will definitely NOT damage the vehicles paint. Vehicle wraps can actually protect your paint from minor scratches, with the anti-scratch properties of the vehicle grade stickers. Vehicle wraps can protect the paint from sun damage, minor abrasions, and stone chips. A wrap can also last 2-3 years on average.

Now, on to the all-important question concerning timeframes & deadlines…

How quick is your turnaround?

We value ourselves on quick & efficient turnaround times, however, ‘quick’ means different things to different people. How quickly we can get you what you need depends on the type of signs you require, the number of signs needed, if you have print-ready artwork or how fast you can approve proofs, if the signs need permits to be installed, if the installation site has the structures we need to hang or fix something and so on…

However, we like to aim for 2-3 business days production time once everything is approved. We always do our best to make it a quick, simple & straightforward process to meet your deadline.

And, lastly but most importantly...

Why should I choose Wollongong Printing?

Here at Wollongong Printing, we guarantee you will walk away with 2 things. 1. The signage of your dreams 2. A positive experience

Our team is made of professionals in Signage, Printing, Graphic Design & Marketing, so we are well equipped to offer useful advice and hold your hand through the process. Our team values quality customer service & quality products above all, so you can rest assured you will be receiving an exceptional service.

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