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10 Reasons Why Our Customers Choose Us

Updated: Jan 12

10 reasons why people choose us?

Wondering what makes us different? More than just your average print company…

Why do our customers keep coming back?

Why should YOU shop with Wollongong Printing?

Great questions!

Here are some of the points of difference that really set us apart. And we aren’t just tooting our horn for the sake of it, these points are frequently commented on in our customer reviews, and we wanted to share them with you.

1. We always greet our customers with friendly customer service.

Sounds obvious, right? But seriously—call us and experience the difference!

We are REAL people, NOT bots. We are not just another person at the end of an email string; we genuinely care about you and will do our best to assist.

2. We offer affordable pricing.

Having a centralized model for all our purchasing as well as servicing clients nationally has allowed us to cover a wide range of services and options. Having a high-volume and low-margin turnover has allowed us to increase our purchasing power, which, in turn, keeps our prices lower. Additionally, we have committed to understanding what our competitors are doing and where their pricing sits compared to ours, hence why we continue to offer a ‘Price Match’ opportunity. We do everything we can to keep our prices low whilst retaining the quality standards our customers have come to expect.

In addition to our strengths in fabric banners, large format printing and portable solutions, we have secured some solid partnerships with Trade Suppliers in the Offset, web, promo and digital industry, allowing us to offer more than just better prices. We offer just about everything under one roof at a competitive price.

3. Quality is what we strive for!

We always seek the highest quality in our solutions and products. Our business, year after year, has continued to evolve, and this is largely due to the ‘Process Improvement Initiatives’ we have incorporated into our day-to-day operations.

We constantly aim to improve our solutions, systems and experiences. We re-engineer ourselves and enhance our processes and procedures to continue offering the highest quality in our custom business printing and advertising products and services.

4. We offer quick turnarounds in custom business printing & more.

In print manufacturing, you are bound to the efficiency and speed of your equipment. Still, we continue to purchase state-of-the-art equipment that improves our speed to market. Our Process Improvement Strategies allow us to look at the way we perform and how we can more efficiently manage data, helping us reduce our turnaround times.

Overall, we always look to produce our products and deliver our solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible—without compromising quality. So if you need promotional flags, corflute signs, marquees or any other promotional products for your upcoming event, our team can get them delivered in time for your peace of mind.

5. We have Warranty and Hardware Replacement Guarantees.

Where else can you get a 7-day replacement guarantee? As a manufacturing operation and as a business, we understand that mistakes happen and, on occasions, the product may have a fault missed during quality assurance checks.

Well, because we know it happens, we do offer guarantees protecting our customers and ensuring that their order is replaced as quickly as possible when and if it is faulty.

We all know that nobody is perfect, and we acknowledge that too. We will do whatever is possible to ensure that our clients are totally satisfied with their advertising products.

6. Consistency is key!

As a client needing marketing products and services, you want to know if you will find the same or improved product from us whether you are ordering today or two years from now. And we’re proud to say that consistency is one of our strengths. The quality of the pullup banner you purchased last year will always be the same or even better!

7. We care.

We are not just any other printing company. We are a printing company that supports those who support us. Our community is very important to us; they are the lifeblood of our business and operations.

We sponsor dozens of organisations across the country, run monthly giveaways to our audience, run regular industry-specific specials and always look for opportunities to further assist. It simply comes naturally, and we love helping others.

8. We’re an Australian company.

The majority of our products are made in Australia, and we endeavour to produce as many of our products locally as possible while keeping costs down. This is why our clients continue to be satisfied with our promotional products & business printing solutions.

9. We remain Australian-owned and operated.

Our customers like to know that we are locally owned and operated, and we are proud to be recognised for who we are and what we stand for. This has and will never change!

10. We’re experienced in business promotional products.

Our combined experience is over three decades of industry knowledge. We are here to help our customers, so we ensure all our employees are trained in all aspects of our services and solutions. We have collated a team of qualified and experienced professionals.

All our staff come from different backgrounds and have different strengths. But they all possess three things that matter: exceptional customer service, friendly and accommodating demeanour and solid communication skills.

We are here to assist customers with their marketing needs. So we do everything we can to accommodate, meet and exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations.

Have some feedback for us?

Perhaps some questions?

Feel free to get in touch!

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