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Why 'proofing' is so important?

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

If you have ever had something printed from professional printers, you may have heard the term ‘proof’ or ‘artwork proof’. Proofing is an extremely important part of the print process as it ensures that your artwork is correct and ‘up to standard’ before it goes to print. The more accurate the proofing process is, the less time and money YOU waste on re-prints and mistakes.

Ultimately, proofing is to protect you!

What exactly is a proof?

A proof is a preliminary version of a printed piece. It provides a close representation of how the piece will appear when printed. Proofs are created to ensure that the client and printer are in complete agreement on the desired outcome before going to press.”

Soft Vs Hard Proof – What is the difference?

A Soft proof is supplied as a digital file, perhaps a pdf, jpg or png that provides a simulation of the finished outcome. This is the most common form of artwork proof that you will receive.

A hard proof, however, is used for more involved projects and is a physical sample of a product or print.

A proof may be supplied for several different reasons.

Perhaps you have supplied an artwork that the printer has indicated is NOT suitable for print? In this case, they may modify the artwork in order to make it suitable and therefore, will supply you with a proof.

Alternatively, you may be looking to get a design created? In this instance, the designer will supply an artwork proof as a draft for you to review.

WHY is it important?

While the designer and printer will always do their best to meet your requirements, the artwork is ultimately yours. We rely on your thorough review of a proof to ensure that you are satisfied with what will be produced. If you do not take care and follow simple steps to ensure your design is error free, and you find an error after the design has been pushed to production, it is then your responsibility and at your cost to reprint, if you choose to reprint.

Proofs are commonly a compulsory step in the printing process and most professional printers will never send an artwork to print, until it is proofed and approved.

Here are our Top 10 proofing tips: