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Custom Selfie Frames for any occasion

Great parties, exhibitions and event deserve great props and fun ideas for all to engage and capture everlasting memories.


Selfie frames are a party or event essential and the perfect photo prop for people of all cultures and all ages. Selfie Frames are the ideal prop to ensure that you not only capture these amazing moments but you have added extra soul to what is already poetic!


Great things and clever ideas are not always easy to find and Selfie Frames are a clever prop that have taken the world by storm.

Selfie Frames are unique, fun and ready to make your party or event an absolute hoot... Call us to discuss your next event and party and let's see how we can assist you make your event the best event it can be!


Customers purchasing a selfie frame for the first time often ask many questions from not having it done before.

We chose some of the questions from selfie frame buyers or party goers and collated them for you.

Why seflie frame styles are available?

We have no limit, your imagination is your limit. You can gave anything from a standard Selfie Frame which is Social Media focused (LinkedIn, Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, Tinder, Twitter, Yelp, Pinterest and more) or you can customise your Selfie to be excatly what you want it to be. You are only bound by size as the largest Selfie possible is 2,400x1,200mm.  You can event have different Shapes if you wanted to. We made some inthe shape of Santa, Hypos, Flowers, Christmas Trees and more... 

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Wollongong Printing, available by appointment.

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Sales Office - 62A Crown Street, Level 1, Wollongong NSW 2500

Production - 102 Station Road, Building 1, Unit 1 & 2, Seven Hills NSW 2147

Fabric Factory - Building 4, Level 3, 601 Dongse Road, Dongjing Town

                            Songjiang District, Songgjiang, Shanghai, China

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