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Delivery your message responsibly and effectively

When was the last time you receive a "with Compliments " slip in the mail or when you received a parcel? It is becoming rarer. 

Many of our customers make the With Compliments slips an integral part of their marketing and office stationery, just as they do with their business cards

As a business, you would use With Comp slips in the same way you would use a note pad, to take notes and give them to your customer so they remember who you are and remember what you offered them. What do customer use them for? Exactly the same. 

With Compliments slips are designed to be a "reminder" and an "eye-grabber", nothing more, nothing less. Fact is, they are not that expensive when you bundle them in your stationery. Once you have had them, you will always use them. Many of our clients use the With Compliment slips more than their business cards or letterheads.


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