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What are the standard paper sizes?

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

What are the standard paper sizes?

This is a great (and common) question that we get asked!

To help you understand and interpret the 'standard paper sizes' that we offer, we have created a diagram to illustrate as well as a FREE DOWNLOADABLE GUIDE that provides a concise list of the sizes and their best uses.

Quick Note - These are just the 'A' size paper series, as these are the common ones we use. There is a 'B' size paper & 'C' size paper series of printer paper sizes as well, however, this is more commonly used in the 'printing press' and 'envelope' space, rather than digital or large format printing.

A size paper is widely used in many countries around the world. The A series is based on an aspect ratio of 1:2, which means that each size is obtained by folding the previous size in half. The most commonly known A-size paper is the A4 size, which is widely used for various purposes such as printing documents, letters, and forms.

The B paper sizes are most commonly used for posters, wall charts, and architectural drawings. The B series have a similar aspect ratio to the A series, but with slightly different dimensions.

The C series is commonly used for envelopes, greeting cards, and other stationery purposes. The C paper sizes are particularly useful for choosing the best suited envelope size for your document or card.

We hope this helps you to picture and select the correct size for your purpose.

Firstly, why are there standard sizes?

In the print industry, machines and processes are set up to accommodate these 'standard sizes' as they are common and frequently ordered. These standard sizes are also generally accommodated for various products such as envelopes, poster frames or different sign structures or fixtures, therefore, making it easier for consumers to find print products that are compatible.


Does this mean you ONLY use/produce 'standard sizes'?

This is another excellent question!

The answer is no.

We can OF COURSE produce signs, posters, flyers and banners that are custom sized. If you have a specific need or purpose that requires a 'non-standard' size, then we can certainly accommodate!

The standard paper sizes are just designed as a guide for frequently ordered products and can sometimes be a tad cheaper too, as they require less print set-up.

Now, if you are going with a 'standard size'.... which one do you choose?

Download our FREE guide for the full list of sizes AND their best uses.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, then feel free to reach out to our friendly team! We love having the opportunity to answer questions or improve our products, services and information.

Best of luck on your printing journey!

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