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How to take care of your Pullup Banner

Updated: Jan 12

pullup banner care

This time of year is when our pull-up banners FLY out the door for ALL kinds of events, functions & promotions!

Not only are they easy to carry, easy to set-up and LOOK FABULOUS… but they do the BEST job of promoting your brand.

Now, if you are glancing over this and thinking… ‘what is a pullup banner?’

Let’s start by introducing our popular & wonderful pullup banner

[alt text: examples of a pullup banner]


The pullup banner is made up of the:

  • BASE (Piece at the bottom of the banner)

  • PRINT (The printed part displaying your promotion or branding)

  • TOP BAR (The bar at the top of your banner, holding the top of the print)

  • BACK POLE (The pole that sits behind the print and slides into the base & top bar in order to keep your banner up)

[alt text: bottom of a pullup banner]

While pullup banners are an easy, simple & quality signage solution, there are a few important things to remember when it comes to looking after your pullup banner.

To help you out, our team has put together some HOT TIPS for not only looking after your banner, but getting the MOST out of it.

  1. Retracting your banner – When you are busy packing up or setting up for an event (often in a hurry), it is easy to be rough with the banner. However, it is important to make sure you hold the top bar as it retracts into the base. DO NOT let go of the top bar and allow it to auto retract from the top, otherwise the speed at which the banner retracts into the base will cause damage to the top bar and your print.

  2. Storing your banner – Unless you request otherwise, all of our pullup banners are provided with a carry bag that holds & protects your banner. Make sure to use this when transporting between locations to protect your banner.

  3. Replacing the print – The great thing about pullup banners is that you have the option to update the banner print, without having to purchase a whole new banner. To do this, our team can print & fit a new banner into your base for you!

If you have an upcoming event, promotion or function and are in need of a way to showcase your brand… the pullup banner is the answer!

We hope that these helpful tips allow you to make the most of your banner!

Any more questions?

Make sure to get in touch with our friendly team!

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